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third part: practical activities

Following, we offer a group of structured activities that can be used as reference for classroom work. They were thought with the purpose of:

•  Promoting reflections, attitudes and behaviors of solidarity, cooperation and coexistence.

•  Stimulating the expression of feelings, emotions, and the development of the capacity to recognize the affective manifestations in others.

•  Working in a play manner on the fears, anguishes, self-esteem, jealousies, the positive valuation of the differences among people, aggression, etc.

They are for children from 3 to 6 or 7 years, although many of them can be adapted for other age groups.

Most of these activities can be developed in the classroom although, depending on the space that there is available, they can be carried out in the gym or in the psycho motor development room.

They don't have any time sequence, so that they can be used according to the approach of each educator.