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My baby pet
The mouse and the cat
My pet
The ants and other friends
Neighbours reunion
Animal book
Looking for the members of my species
Crazy world
I will draw an animal for you
Please, little bird, sing for me
Taking care of the farm
Don´t go away!
The monkey cage
Bread, sunflower seeds and peanuts
Birds, come and drink
Animal shop
Butterflies are flying
Guess what?
Let´s make an ant feeder
The place in which they are supposed to be
Our classroom is full of life
From petal to petal
Mrs. Potato
Country florwers
This plant is poisoned!
My tree´s diary
The plants of my area
Guess how I take care of it
Don´t be sad
The orchard
Plants give us ...
Plant shop
I like this fruit salad!
The herbalist´s shop
Guess the tree
Save the forest!
The day of the tree (The joined hand tree)
Let´s respect the stoplights!
The book of the food items
Watch out!
To be born, eat and grow up
Let me see your teeth!
What can we eat?
Always be careful
Accidents: Nooooo!
Walking in the city
Laying the table
Stopping or walking?
We wash ourselves
Our utensils are ...
Please, don´t touch it
How do we have a wash?
Cleaning our classroom
I protect myself
What do we eat?
This kiss is for you
If you are Ok, I am Ok, too
I´ll help you
We say hello to our mates because we love them
We are equal, we are different
Let´s cross the river
This is for you
Magic words
My family
My friends and me
We both have to do it
They are my fingers
A trip around the world
Pass it on
An island in the middle of the ocean
I don´t want to change!
I play with my toys
A friend and another one
We will understand one another if we want to
Solving our problems
A plant in each place
A forest in the classroom
The sea can be poisoned!
Garbage and more garbage
Walking through our forest
We give information as many times as necessary
1 tree + 1 tree = forest
1, 2, 3, answer to me
Keeping and protecting
Neptune is angry
May I have your attention, please?
Walking trough the paths
Collaborating on recycling
Let´s clean the oceans
Adopting a piece of countryside
Step by step
A day at the countryside
Nature book
The bottom of the sea
Let´s reforest!
Water, source of life
Creating our city
We don´t like pollution!
Recycling and creating
Using natural products
Mission: garbage
Our monuments
Collagorating with the professionals
Helping at home
Classifying materials
Our garbage cans
Looking for the differences
The recycling monument
Our neighbourhood
Visiting and observing
Let´s participate in our festivals
Making garbage cans
Leaves and other things
Collaborating with our mates
Police officers, firemen, sweepers and some others
Let´s play in the sandy ground