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Asociación Mundial de Educadores Infantiles
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If you would like your conference to be included in our Conferences Calendar, feel free to e-mail us, just click here.


If you would like your conference to be included in our Conferences Calendar, feel free to e-mail us, just click here.

7 & 8 Dec 06 , Singapore
Positive Discipline for Preschoolers
Sponsored by Sanguine Consulting

Web Site: http://sanguineconsulting.com/Workshops/PD.html

Recent research into early childhood and brain development confirms that children are “hardwired” to connect with others, especially early in their lives, and that they respond best to respectful, non-punitive techniques of behavior management. This workshop will offer teachers and administrators of preschool-aged children practical tools, as well as theoretical knowledge, for building relationship and managing behavior with young children.


19 & 20 Dec 06 , Singapore
Yogaplay & Relaxation
Sponsored by Sanguine Consulting
Web Site: http://sanguineconsulting.com/Workshops/YogaPlay.html

Yoga promotes wellbeing, strengthens body and mind, improves coordination and flexibility and enhances breath awareness and relaxation. It prepares children to focus for other learning activities. Although yoga appears to be about the body, it is about the whole child: mind, emotions and spirit.

This workshop aims to make yoga developmentally appropriate, i.e. fun, active and stimulating to a child's inner fantasy world . The activities included draw on yoga, creative movement, tai chi and qigong.


21 Dec 06, Singapore
BrainDance for Young Children
Sponsored by Sanguine Consulting
Web Site: http://sanguineconsulting.com/Workshops/Braindance.html

Children love to crawl, climb, run & jump. Movement is an essential component for wiring the central nervous system so the brain can operate to it's full potential. Unfortunately, children do not automatically learn to move proficiently without sufficient movement opportunities. Children's lives are becoming more sedantry from an early age. Factors like TV & video, along with fears about children's' safety & lack of adult encouragement in often busy lives, affect their experience & involvement in movement. 2-5 years is part of a critical period for children learning motor skills. Movement confidence builds self esteem, lays the basis for later fine motor control & eye tracking & promotes fitness throughout life.

Anne Green Gilbert developed BrainDance to review the early movement patterns that human beings are programmed to move through in the first 12 months of life to wire the central nervous system. Taking these movements and using them in a fun musical ways we can ensure children have a varied movement experience to assist in wholeness and integration of body and brain.

“A fully functioning body promotes a fully functioning brain....” Anne Green Gilbert



2007 is going to be an extraordinary important year for all of us, we have been working hard for this Conference and for the Permanent Chair "Learn to live Together in Peace from infancy". We are really proud of it and we really would like you to join us for the Conference. This is more than a Conference, this is a dream for us.

APRIL, 20, 21 & 22, 2007.
Sponsored by World Association of Early Childhood Educators (AMEI-WAECE)

According to the Delors report, education must rely on, LEARNING TO LIVE TOGETHER , has taken on special significance. Not long ago, Dr. Koichiro Matsuura, General Director at UNESCO said before a High Level Group of the Education for All Initiative, “the changing international situation has suddenly made one of the central themes of the Delors Report, the “learning to live together” one, acquire refreshed urgency and relevance”. More than ever, (Dr. Matsuura went on to state) the contents, methods and results of learning must be revised to make education a more effective and powerful tool to “build the defences of peace in the mind of men. It is particularly important that we banish violence from young minds and that we guide them to the virtues of tolerance, mutual understanding and peace, not only in action, but also in thought and expression”.

Coinciding with such statement, and convinced that such education must start from the very birth, we have designed our Conference "LEARNING TO LIVE TOGETHER…IN PEACE, from early years".