Marvi knows to say his address; he can climb to his tree house, and is friends with a turtle in his backyard. He has been worried for some time now. There will be a kite day in his neighborhood, and there will be prizes for the best kites. He wants to participate, and he REALLY wants to win. But he has never made a kite himself.

•  Do you want me to help you? Dad offered.

•  No, I have to do it myself. Said Marvi

•  The important thing is to participate! Encourages him Mom

"The important thing is to win!" Thinks Marvi, but he doesn't say it out loud, because he knows that Mom will start with her long speeches about how good it is to just enjoy what you do, even if you are not the best.

Besides, Aldo, who is in third grade, has told him that he is building an AERODYNAMIC kite. He can be such a brag, using all kinds of fancy words. Well, when Marvi will be a big boy he will use only simple words with his younger friends.

He decides to build a kite with the shape of a fish. He found the best sticks, and he used the colors of his favorite soccer team. He worked very hard, and finally the kite is ready.

He goes to the playground to try it out. Aldo was there too, with a box-shaped kite. Marvi notices with satisfaction that his kite is much, much better looking than Aldo's.

•  Hey Marvi, will you help me to make my kite fly? Aldo invites him

•  Sure! Marvi says, forgetting all his previous feelings

•  You should hold the kite, and when I say "Now!" you throw it up in the air. Instructed Aldo, standing a few meters away, holding the string

•  OK!

•  Now!

Marvi throws the kite up in the air, and the kite flies beautifully, making all kind of acrobatics.

•  Wow! This is beautiful! Cheers Marvi, clapping his hands.

After a while it is Marvi's kite turn. Now it is Aldo that is holding the kite.

•  Yours is so beautiful, - says he admiringly, - it has the colors of my team also!

Marvi decides that Aldo is a good friend.

- OK, throw it up now! Shouts he to Aldo.

The kite flies for one second than it falls down.

-I don't think that you threw it well. Let's try once more! Marvi says, not so happily.

After a few tries, they sadly sit on the grass. - Who cares if my kite is pretty? It can't fly for one bit! - Marvi is desperate now.

- Come on! We will think of something! Tries to encourage him Aldo. - Anyhow, it is too late now. Let's meet tomorrow morning.

- Fine, - mumbles Marvi

The next morning Aldo comes running to Marvi's house. - I had the best idea! Why don't we combine your kite and mine? This way the kite will be beautiful, and it will fly perfectly! He says, breathing fast.

- Wow! What a great idea! - Cheers up Marvi, hugging his friend. - Our kite will be a "BOXFISH!"

- And we will paint it all with the colors of our soccer team! - Says Aldo, grinning from ear to ear.

Gerda SULA M.Ed
PAIS: Albania