It was a sunny Sunday. Everyone woke up early in the morning. Mom and dad's friends were coming.

Mom took out the nicest plates and bought Aunt Hasmik's favorite ice-cream.

Dad was cleaning the swimming pool, because Uncle Edik and he like to swim.

Daniel's brother David was cleaning the playground and took the ball out of closet; Levon and he were going to play basketball.

Daniel's sister Emma took two armchairs to the garden and put a small table in front of them with some magazines on it. Nelly and she like to speak about fashion.

Only Daniel was just sitting on the stairs.

"You're all going to have a nice time, but I will be alone," he said.

"You won't be bored," mom said, "Lily will be with them. She's of your age, she's five. You'll play together."

"Lily? I don't play with girls, don't you know that? I'm a boy. What am I supposed to play with her? Do you think I like to play with dolls?"

"Do whatever you wish, just don't bother us," his brother warned him, "last time we couldn't finish the game because of you."

"And don't bother us either," sister said, "you always tear up my magazines with your dirty hands."

"Mom, why haven't you warned Aunt Hasmik that I'm a boy, so they would bring a friend for me."Daniel said angrily.

"But they want Lily to be their daughter,", mom was surprised, "well, don't just sit here; go bring your toys, so you can play together."

Oh, he didn't think about it. Daniel got up and ran to the playroom. What if Lily would break the wheels of his lorry? Daniel took his car to dad's office, put it under the desk and covered it with pillows. Then he hid his bike in the closet.

Well, now she can't ask for my toys. I don't have any toys., Daniel thought.

Soon Uncle Edik came with his family. They had a dinner and everyone went away with a friend.

Daniel was digging a hole in the sand with his blade. Lily was standing beside him, near a big box.

"I don't play with boys," she said, "I don't play with boys' toys either. I don't need this lorry. They bought it on my birthday. I didn't even open the box."

Lily pushed the box to Daniel and sat on the sand with her doll in her hands.

How couldn't Daniel look into that box? There was a lorry, just like his, but it was new.

"And I don't play with girls," Daniel said, "They can play only with dolls."

"But I also like to build sand castles," Lily said, "and I can whistle."

Daniel looked at Lily in surprise. He wanted to tell her that he couldn't whistle yet, but he didn't. He went to dad's office, took out his lorry, then brought the bike out of the closet.

"We will tie the lorries to the bike, so we can carry more sand."

Soon the sand was in the other corner of the garden. Daniel was building the walls of the castle, and Lily was bringing the sand by bike. The sand castle was very big, and Lily put her doll in it.

While Daniel and Lily were building a house of sand, the pool was filled. Everyone ran to the water.

"Lily, bring your doll, there is lot of sand in her hair," Daniel said.

Everyone swam until the evening. It was a nice day. It will be very nice if Lilly comes next week, too.

Ruzanna Baghdasaryan
PAIS: Armenia
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