The importance of 'helping' and 'sharing'

One bright morning, Buzzy Bumblebee woke up to see the sun shining brightly. "What a bee-au-ti-ful day it is!" he buzzed. "I must awake the others" And so Buzzy Bumblebee buzzed and buzzed and very soon, he heard his neighbours waking up too.

"Oh, Bumblebee," said sleepy, Spotty Ladybird, "do hush! We are not yet awake!" "Oh Bumblebee," said Beautiful Butterfly. "Is it morning already?" "Yes! Oh yes! A bright and sunny morning indeed!" buzzed Buzzy Bumblebee as he flew happily around the pretty colourful flowers and trees in the garden. As he flew, he sang:

"It's a beautiful, beautiful morning

It's a hap-hap-happy day!

I LOVE every bit of this morning

Let's fly and flutter away!"

"That was a beautiful song, Buzzy Bumblebee," said Croaky Frog as he leaped onto his favourite toadstool. "And it did wake me up!" said the sleepy, spotty Ladybird.

"Breakfast time!" said the Beautiful Butterfly in her tinkling voice. Off went all the insects flying and fluttering around in search of food for breakfast. Beautiful Butterfly and Buzzy Bumblebee sipped nectar from the flowers around them and sang in delight,

"Thank you flowers for the nectar you gave me

It's cool and tasty, as sweet as honey!"

"Yummy!" croaked Croaky Frog still atop his favourite toadstool as he stuck out his tongue and swallowed a fly. Spotty Ladybird nibbled away on some mites stuck to a dry leaf.

But what was that sound? The garden friends waited and listened carefully. "Hello. hello friends" they hard a small voice cry. "That's Critter Caterpillar," said Spotty Ladybird. "I can't come out because I'm in my cocoon. I'm hungry and sleepy but I can't look for food as I can't move out!" wailed the caterpillar "Oh! The poor little caterpillar! We must help him!" said Buzzy Bumblebee. "But what can we do to help him?" cried Beautiful Butterfly. "Now! Now!" croaked Croaky Frog. "I am sure we can find food for Critter Caterpillar. Let's put our heads together! What do caterpillars like to eat?" "I know, I know," cried Beautiful Butterfly, "Caterpillars like to eat leaves. Well, then let's go leaf-hunting!" "Onward, friends!" cried Buzzy Bumblebee.

It was a sight to see! Croaky Frog, Buzzy Bumblebee, Beautiful Butterfly and the Spotty Ladybird looked high and low and soon found a lot of leaves for Critter Caterpillar to eat. There were:

Green leaves.Yellow leaves.Red and brown leaves

Big leaves. Small leaves . Rough and smooth leaves

Soon, they had a bag full of leaves. Beautiful Butterfly called out to Critter Caterpillar, "Critter Caterpillar! Critter Caterpillar! We've got you some breakfast!" But there was no sign of Critter Caterpillar. All his friends could see were some broken pieces of his cocoon. Where could he be? They soon knew because they saw a very pretty blue and yellow coloured butterfly flying next to them. "You're beautiful! Who are you?" said the garden friends to the new butterfly. "Don't you recognise me? I'm Critter Caterpillar! Now I know why I felt so hungry this morning! I was on my way to becoming a BUTTERFLY! Thank you for collecting leaves for me! I don't need them now. Shall we look for other caterpillars to feed them to?" "Yes! That's a bee-au-ti-ful idea!" said Buzzy Bumblebee. And so the garden friends were happy! They gathered the leaves they had collected and looked for other little caterpillars to feed!

Pearl Mascarenhas
PAIS: India