The power of unity

The field was filled with a great crowd as the two teams were coming into the pitch to play the final game of the basketball competition for the year. The coaches of each team were giving last minute instructions to the team members in preparation for the match. The Beackons team that won the previous edition was most favored by the people against the Malders. In fact they were adjudged the strongest team.

As the coach was giving his instructions, Jones said "I will like to play on the right side"

Michael replied "But I have been selected to play on the right side" this led to an argument within the team as some supported Jones while others supported Michael. As the coach was trying to settle this, the referee blew for the kick off.

The first thirty-minutes witnessed Beackons team losing by six goals to the surprise of everybody.

"Why are we losing?" the Beackons were asking themselves?

By now, half of the crowd were supporting the Malders and yelling at the Beackons as they concede four more goals.

During the half time break, they were asking themselves "why are we playing so badly today?

The Coach told them, "you were all playing individual games and not as a team. Michael was not passing the ball to Jones who was in the front. You are not playing with unity" he told them.

He now told them 'if you can go back to the pitch in unity, you can still redeem your image and possible win the match".

The whistle was blown for the second half of the match and the Beackons went into the pitch with the determination to work together, pass the ball and help each other. And then, they began scoring goals, one, two, three and up to ten goals. Two minutes to the end of the match came another goal, making it eleven for Beackons and ten for the Malders

The Beackons won by a goal.

They were happy, ran to their coach who told them 'when we do things in unity, we make progress but when we work in disunity, we fail'

Can you see the power of unity?

AUTOR: Adaramola S. Emmanuel
PAIS: Nigeria