Pearl Mascarenhas D’Silva
Valores asociados: kindness, love and understanding, cooperation and mutual help, respect for diversity, compassion, friendship, creativity, bravery, team effort


This story could be used during nap time in a preschool set-up. Characteristics peculiar to different animals are brought about in this story.

Children can also be encouraged to participate in the music and movement component of the story through the little rhyme/song at the end. This will help to make the story and the messages through the story more relevant to the child.

Playing Among The Stars

It was a bright sunny day. Lottie Ladybird decided she wanted to play. Who will play with me, she wondered. Let me ask Eenie Earthworm.
“Hey Eenie Earthworm, will you play with me?” Eenie Earthworm shook his head sadly. “I am sorry, Lottie Ladybird, but I have to help my Mum gather some leaves for tea”.
Lottie Ladybird scuttled on till she met Sleepy Snail. “Hey Sleepy Snail, will you play with me?” Sleepy Snail popped his head out from his shell. “I am sorry, Lottie Ladybird, but I am sleepy as can be”.
Lottie Ladybird scurried on till she met Cathy Caterpillar. “Hey Cathy Caterpillar, will you play with me?” Cathy Caterpillar unwound herself. “I am sorry, Lottie Ladybird, but my family have all turned into butterflies and now its time for me”.

“Nobody wants to play with me,” cried Lottie Ladybird as she sat down by the river. She sat there all evening and fell off to sleep. When she got up, she was surprised to see that the sky was full of pretty golden stars. “What’s the matter, Lottie Ladybird”, twinkled a tiny little star. “Why are you so sad?”
“Nobody is free to play with me” sobbed Lottie Ladybird. “We will play with you, Lottie” twinkled another one. “But you are so high up in the sky! I won’t be able to reach up”, grumbled Lottie Ladybird. “Well, we could carry you up here” said one of the stars.

“Really?” asked Lottie Ladybird. “Oh yes!” answered one of the shiniest stars in the sky.
“Can you count the number of stars in the sky?” asked Big Star. “Of course I can!” said Lottie. “1...2...3...4....oh my goodness! There are so many stars in the sky! There must be millions of you up there!” “Good job, Lottie and for that, you win a prize!”

Lottie soon found herself carried up in the sky by two pretty stars. All the stars gathered around Lottie. Sparkles, the naughtiest star said, “Let’s play Hide-and-go-twinkle!” Lottie Ladybird giggled as she tried looking for the stars that hid everywhere in the sky- under some clouds and even in the branches of large trees. “This is so much fun!” said Lottie as she found Sparkles hidden behind the Moon itself.
Lottie and the little stars played all night and had lots of fun. Soon it was time for the sun to come up and the stars hummed as they said goodbye to Lottie Ladybird. “Do play with us again, Lottie” cried Baby Star. Lottie waved goodbye as the King and Queen Stars carried her down to her home. “This has been the BEST night of my life!” said Lottie as she settled down to sleep in her bed. And she sang happily.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
I didn’t have to go too far
To find some friends and lots of fun
I really must be a special one
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder where you now are!

About Pearl Mascarenhas D’Silva:
Postgraduate Diploma in Education Management - 2007
Masters of Science. (Human Development) - 2004
Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education - 2002
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology-Anthropology) - 2001

Academic Manager
New Zealand Tertiary College India (NZTC) August 2009- till date

Early Childhood Education Consultant
New Zealand Tertiary College January 2008- August 2009

Impetus August 2007
Designed and developed a comprehensive workshop module on ‘Six Thinking Hats in the Classroom’ for Impetus, a privately owned organization catering to teacher education

Primary Teacher
Singapore International School, Mumbai March 2007- August 2007

Teacher Educator
Kangaroo Kids institute For Teacher Development and Research (a sub-division of Kangaroo Kids Education Limited). July 2004- March 2007


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