Pearl Mascarenhas D’Silva
Valores asociados: self-esteem , kindness, love and understanding, cooperation and mutual help, respect for diversity, compassion


A child often hears its parents warn them about staying away from danger. This story deals with addressing a situation that calls for presence of mind and bravery. Apart from this, the early childhood educator or parent could use this story to help a young child rationalise its fears and channelize them into fruitful and meaningful endeavours.

Coral’s Adventure At Mermaid Gate

“Oh what a beautiful mooooooorning!” hummed Coral the pretty little mermaid as she swam ashore and sat on her favourite rock. “It’s a beautttiffful day, isn’t it Mr. Sun?” she cried. “It certainly is my pretty Coral,” boomed the Sun. “What are you going to do today?” “Well, I promised my friends the Seahorse and Dolphin that I’d go exploring with them but first I need to go back and have my breakfast. So long, Mr.Sun!” said Coral as she dived back into the sea. Her mother and father were busy making breakfast. Her baby brother sat in his little high chair made of shells and banged his spoon on the table. “Goodmorning Cobbles!” said Coral as she sat down to eat her breakfast. “And where are you off to my dear,” asked Daddy as she wished him good morning. “Seahorse and Dolphin are taking me exploring, Daddy! They said there are lot of treasures under the sea.” “Now, now,” said Mummy firmly, “it is not a very safe place for a little mermaid to be, Coral. Mind you don’t go beyond Mermaid’s Gate. The sea is too deep beyond that.” “I won’t Mummy,” said Coral. “I’ll make sure I stay close to Seahorse and Dolphin.”

“Yoohoo...Coral!” Coral jumped as she heard her friends call out to her. “Bye, Mummy, bye Daddy, bye little Cobbles” cried Coral as she swam away with her favourite basket. “Hi Seahorse, hi Dolphin” said Coral. “Hello, Coral, are you ready for our BIG Adventure?”
The three friends swam as fast as they could till they reached Mermaid’s Gate. “I am not to go beyond Mermaids Gate,” said Coral. “Oh come on, Coral. It is very safe. See, I can go in and out, in and out,” squeaked Seahorse as he flitted between the tall reeds. “Mummy says it isn’t safe,” said Coral. “She is right, Seahorse” said Dolphin. “I know a safer place not far from here where we can find treasures.” “No,” said Seahorse shaking his body stubbornly. “I’ll go without you then” and before they could stop him, Seahorse swam through the reeds and did not come back. “Oh dear! What shall we do?” cried Coral. “I really wanted to collect some more treasures for my treasure box.” “Let’s wait for a while, Coral.” said Dolphin. “It won’t be too long before Seahorse squizzles out of the reeds again.” Coral and Dolphin waited for a while but there was no sign of Seahorse. Suddenly, they heard a scream, “HELP! HELP!” “That sounds like Seahorse,” cried Dolphin as he put his nose through the tall reeds. “Oh no! It’s Sharkie Monster and he is chasing poor Seahorse,” cried Coral as she saw her little friend swim as fast as he could. “Quick, we need to distract Sharkie Monster,” said Dolphin. “I know! Let’s use my basket to distract Sharkie”. Coral’s basket was made of net that the fishermen used to catch fish. She pushed her hands through the tall reeds and opened her basket. “Dolphin”, she whispered, “call out to Seahorse” “SEAHORSE.” Yelled Dolphin, “over here!” Seahorse was really scared now and he looked toward the tall reeds. Dolphin yelled again, “SEAHORSE.”

Seahorse charged towards the reeds, knowing his friends were there and squeezed his way through Mermaid Gate quickly. Sharkie Monster charged behind him but Coral thrust her basket further and Sharkie Monster got caught in the net.
The three friends swam as quickly as they could toward Coral’s house and heaved a sigh of relief when they saw that they were safe. “I’m sorry,” said Seahorse, tears streaming down his face. “Thank you for saving me from Sharkie Monster, Coral and Dolphin.” “We are glad you are safe, Seahorse,” said Coral as she hugged Seahorse and wiped his tears. “ Yes, we certainly are! Now how about exploring some more where its safe?” asked Dolphin as he led the way to a huge ship filled with beautiful treasures, sparkling jewellery and some yummy treats to eat. “Hurrah!” said Coral happily. “My treasure box is going to be so full now!”

About Pearl Mascarenhas D’Silva:
Postgraduate Diploma in Education Management - 2007
Masters of Science. (Human Development) - 2004
Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education - 2002
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology-Anthropology) - 2001

Academic Manager
New Zealand Tertiary College India (NZTC) August 2009- till date

Early Childhood Education Consultant
New Zealand Tertiary College January 2008- August 2009

Impetus August 2007
Designed and developed a comprehensive workshop module on ‘Six Thinking Hats in the Classroom’ for Impetus, a privately owned organization catering to teacher education

Primary Teacher
Singapore International School, Mumbai March 2007- August 2007

Teacher Educator
Kangaroo Kids institute For Teacher Development and Research (a sub-division of Kangaroo Kids Education Limited). July 2004- March 2007


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