All the Colors of the World
Mine Gol-Guven
Valores asociados: Respect For Diversity, Friendship, Kindness, Love And Understanding

There was a village called “All the colors of the world”. Like its name, all the colors of the world live in this beautiful village in peace. They were all friends.

There were blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, and green,…all the colors. They have their own houses in different shapes. Square, triangle, circle,…They liked to see all these varieties in themselves and in the houses they live in.

But one day, when blue, red, and yellow were having their dinner together, eating all the different kinds of food and enjoying every little bites, one color (and I do not remember who that was), said: “You know what?”. “What” they all said. “We are the ones who make the other colors come alive! If it is not us, they would not be even living at all!”

First the other colors did not understand the point! But while thinking a little bit more…Red said “Yes, that is true!”, Blue said “I have not thought about this before”, and Yellow added “What a strange feeling I am having”…They all asked “What is that?”. And Yellow answered “I feel like I am superior to them”. Red said “What does it mean to be superior to someone else?” Yellow said “I feel like I can order them to do whatever I want! Because we are the ones who creates them!”. They all nodded. Blue said “Let’s try out something different tomorrow!”. Red said “Let’s boss around!” and they finished up their dinner and went back to their houses.

Next day, when all the colors were saying their good mornings to each other in downtown, all of a sudden Red said “Now I order you to clean up the squad”. All the other colors got surprised because no one in the village were giving orders like this before, they all were sharing the work, and doing their own parts. They all were responsible colors!

All the colors except blue, red and yellow started to collect the trash on the ground. It was good not to have too many things on the ground because they were responsible colors who do not throw things out. But,…yet, the other colors, purple, orange and green started to talk in whisper “Why the other colors, blue, red and yellow do not help us like they did in the past?”

“That is strange!” said Green, “I am particularly disappointed by yellow and blue” Green said. Purple added “I feel I am excluded, we were best friends with red and blue”. Orange seemed very sad. “Yellow, red and I were playing together all the time” Orange said.

From the first order on that day to today, blue, red and yellow have been mean to the other colors. And today all the colors of the village, excluding red, blue and yellow, takes a decision to leave the village. They decided not to continue their friendship with them. Because there was no friendship in the village anymore!

(The page is empty here. Preferably in the middle of the book. Children are used to listen to the stories that the problems in the stories are solved for them. Most of the time teachers ask their opinions and questions such as “what will happen next?, why do you think this happened?, how …is feeling now?”. However, these questions do not have any visual prompt like an empty page. Children will feel like their opinions will be taken into account, the questions of teachers are descent (teacher needs their help to continue with the story), they are the person who decides what happens in the end). In the end of the book, teachers will be instructed to ask questions at this stage:

1. How was the village before blue, red and yellow started to take decisions by themselves and tell orange, purple and green do the clean-up?
2. How did purple, green and orange feel when red, blue and yellow order them certain things?
3. What do you think will happen when blue, red and yellow learn that purple, orange and green left the village?
4. How should blue, red and yellow behave to gain back purple, orange and green’s respect

Teachers sould emphasize on: friendship, importance of diversity –being different- how the World look like if there was one color?, how it is difficult for someone who feels excluded from a group? To be kind to other people, to have understanding and love for others. After question 3, the story continues):

Too many days have passed without purple, orange and green presence. Blue, red and yellow felt terriable about the mistake they did. They understood that they were no different from the other colors, they were equal. But hey were different in many ways at the same time that they have their own characteristics and feautures.

The village so quite and not fun anymore! Blue, red and yellow missed their friends so much! They have decided to write a letter, giving their apologies and promising not to hurt their feelings again, never and ever.

They did write a beautiful letter explaining everything! And next they after mailing their letter, purple, orange and green came back to the village with big smiles on their faces, gave them a big hug, and be friends again! (question 4 is asked here).

Dr . Mine Gol-Guven is Assistant Professor in Bogazici University College Of Education (Department Of Primary Education / Program in Preschool Education).
Dr. Gol-Guven received her PH.D at Penn State University, USA. She is the Chair of the Organizing Committee of the Second European Networking for Socio-Emotional Competence in Children and Young Persons (ENSEC) Conference 9-12th September 2009, Izmir, Turkey. Dr. Gol-Guven has been a faculty member of Primary Education at Bogazici University since 2006.

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